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Xtreme Xtra Cigarette filters Slim 22mm 180

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  • 18.01

    Xtreme Xtra Cigarette filters Slim 22mm 180

    Cigarette filter tips are an important roll your own accessory. They provide the filtration for cigarettes that you roll yourself. We offer you very good quality filter tips so you can enjoy a good quality and save money. You can use one of our handy and convenient cigarette rollers to help you roll the perfect cigarette. Simply place the cigarette filter tip at one end of the paper, add your favorite tobacco after the cigarette filter and let the cigarette roller do its job. We can offer you a very special cigarette filter tips with 20mm long filter means less time for smoking and more money in your pocket. You save your tobacco using filter tips with a long filter. 

    Filter diameter: 6 mm

    Filter length: 22 mm