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Gomenl busregulations
The bus is the exchange site for Holland America Holland America sea Amoy shopping customers together single grand launch, Holland America Department of any level members can participate in the fight, sharing a single sea Amoy fun, And share sponsor Holland America member discounts, shared international freight, all participants are required to carefully read the following terms and agree to confirm:

1. Holland America Department of sea Amoy provide single platform for customers to tailor Holland America bus form, and according to the data of the sponsor (hereinafter referred to as the "old driver") and the participants (hereinafter referred to as "the hitchhiker" or "passengers") to make the credibility of validation and qualification, at the same time, on the bus departure and confirm the Holland America sign the supervision process before the transaction, but not between the old drivers and riders personal liability disputes.

2. all participants can voluntarily choose to do sponsor (old driver) or hitchers (passengers), both the old drivers and riders, have launched or participated in a right, at the same time, also have to give up or get off right, but no matter in what way exit, shall be put forward during the waiting Holland America bus give up, click or replacement of vehicles, otherwise, there will be a bad record, affect the future in the car or ride the bus platform Holland america.

3. in order to avoid fraud and disputes, whether it is the old driver or rider, their choice of purchase and allocation after the freight in the purchase of goods after submitting the order confirmation, order according to the amount specified shall be their Holland America sinks sites to pay, not for any reason to ask other people to pay for the individual, privately allowed random generation of payment and as a result of disputes, participants agreed to exchange Holland America do not take any responsibility.

4. per car Holland America buses are controlled by the old driver, and the number of goods and has the right to view the hitchers purchase, accept on whether to accept, have the right to refuse to take the hitchers requirements, riders in old driver refused, can choose to take a bus but not other Holland America, was rejected by the complaint as the reason for the old driver, similarly, riders can choose any car in the bus waiting area Holland America Holland America bus, can also request the car after shopping in the old driver was confirmed before choosing to get off, or to choose other Holland America bus, old driver also not to ride off as the choice of reason for complaint.

5. Holland America can enjoy shopping bus discounts, the specific preferential level is calculated according to the old driver Holland America membership levels, regardless of their hitchers Holland America membership is what level in the ride, the car discount in shopping bus exchange sites in Holland America Holland America, all riders are in accordance with the old driver Holland America membership level, not can raise objections.

6. Holland America sinks for each international parcel issued, in picking packaging will purchase items according to categories with different gifts gift box, Holland America bus produced by international parcels also have the gift, the gift from the old driver after the recipient himself retained or assigned to the free rider, the old driver received a distribution independent decision, Holland America exchange without any interference, the hitchhiker understands and acknowledges and agrees that, nor to the old driver undistributed gift as a reason for complaint or accusation Holland America sinks.

7. old driver in the campaign, must be willing to undertake the follow-up services, such as identification, tracking, collection, receipt, inspection and split, distribution, distribution and other special services (except the old driver allocation is one of two or you can also check the outside, the other list is the default must project) distribution, you can choose "the city since", or "re packaging or short delivery" of two methods are provided, related to the receipt after the short delivery costs, by the old drivers and riders to communicate and pay the charge, for any reason to refuse delivery, pick up or refuse to pay short delivery costs, or have a complaint in the confirmation, the responsible party will leave a bad record, later will not be able to participate in the activities of Holland America bus.

8. because Follow-Up Services, older drivers will provide more so, all the shopping points each Holland America bus, will start to the old driver, at the same time, each participating ride shopping passengers, every purchase of a commodity, must pay 1 yuan to the old driver for the fare, at the same time, the Department of Holland America additional to the old driver award 2 yuan (i.e. hitchers every purchase of a commodity, the old driver can get 3 yuan, the cumulative) income as the bus fare to Holland America old driver all in the car, after the completion of the shipment of Holland America bus, a bus from Holland America shopping points and ride fees, by the system included the old driver Holland America exchange account balance, Follow-Up Services provide for old drivers, riders may not be challenged.

9. per car Holland America bus departure after international parcel before sent to the recipient address in the old driver, damage and loss of logistics safety risk by Holland America exchange designated international carriers responsible for the parcel have damaged or lost, the old driver and Holland America as a representative of the customer service feedback and exchange by Holland America exchange with international shipping taking the handling of claims, but the parcel service receipt receipt, damage or loss or other accidents happen again after packaging logistics management when sending old drivers and riders are not agreed to by the old driver and Holland America sinks, and the specific short way express carriers to negotiate compensation and payment of the hitchhiker.

10. any issue from the Chinese overseas international parcel, in China customs clearance, there may have been intercepted and returned to duty or risk, where participants are required to understand the possibility of meeting, Holland America told, if the tariff, by the old driver and the car bus riders to Holland America all allocated, and according to the conditions, by the old driver or old driver specified riders pay, but not for any reason to reject or refuse to pay customs duties, and bear the risk of being China customs interception returned.

11. both the old drivers and riders, in the bus departure in Holland America and in the ordering of goods received, in addition to comment on goods, also have on the other side of the right of evaluation, all participants must truthfully evaluate, to participate in the later Holland America exchange members have a positive reference, all negative fictional facts in the comments, Holland America Department received the relevant protest will assist in the investigation, once verified, will confirm or reject the complaint, and to the credibility of mark of the responsible party, have a bad mark reporters will no longer take part in activities of Holland America bus.

12. Holland America reminder, any non exchange transaction supervision Holland America may have a dispute, both the old drivers and riders, are required to understand, in the parcel from Holland America Exchange issued, Holland America sinks have actually lost the parcel for the actual control, so, whether the old driver or rider, please be sure before driving good communication with each other, in order to avoid unpleasant disputes.