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About us

VKOOP invested in the headquarters of more than 3,600 square meters. After years of careful design and cultivation, the company is surrounded by trees and decorated with four seasons of flowers, and is regarded as the most beautiful enterprise in the Netherlands.

You can find out about our operational information on the official Dutch Chamber of Commerce website 

Alternatively, you can also enter the address of VKOOP (Spuiweg 21, 8243PW Lelystad) in Google Earth to query. 

VKOOP.COM began trial operation on December 6, 2009. It has a geographical advantage and a local European business and channel resource accumulated in the Netherlands for nearly a decade. 

Up to now, VKOOP.COM has established close cooperation with 16 supermarket chains, 24 drugstore chains and 15 pharmacies In the Netherlands, displaying more than 10,000 kinds of high-quality products manufactured and retailed in the Netherlands and other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, etc. to customers around the world using virtual supermarkets and mirroring. 

VKOOP.COM professionally translates all product information into multiple languages for customers to browse and purchase, and has already started to supply four European stores in Hong Kong and Macao as well as cross-border e-commerce websites in mainland China, to make it easier for many Chinese customers to purchase more local European products by shopping in Hong Kong or on the mainland cross-border e-commerce website. 

All VKOOP products are purchased locally in the Netherlands and Europe and entrusted to Belgium BPost and Dutch PostNL for direct mailing. 

For customers from South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam and mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, it directly provides quality and famous brand products from European stores and markets, allows customers to easily select and purchase favorite local European products online without going abroad, and also provides receiving and forwarding goods services and special purchasing, like designer clothing, luxury and other special products made in Europe for customers in need.