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Distribution instructions

Packing instructions: We invest a lot of time and cost in strengthening the internal and external packaging of international freight, and strive to ensure that the packaging is intact when the goods are delivered to customers, but since the goods are packaged, they are all airmail direct mail to China, and the long-distance travel is in the process of transnational transportation. There are various uncontrollable factors. The company cannot guarantee that the inner and outer packagings of the carton will not be squeezed when the goods are delivered, resulting in deformation, rolling or damage to the carton. This possible damage to the packaging cannot be used as Product quality issues are returned.

Delivery instructions: Vkoop's current cooperating carriers provide international direct mail logistics services for Belgian Post BPost and Dutch Post PostNL, which can be tracked throughout the course and can be selected as needed.

Vkoop tariff

BPost international postal packet, limited to 2 kg or less

0-2Kg, after receiving the goods from the Netherlands, from the Brussels International Airport in Belgium to the air transportation in the world, tracking the whole process, international direct mail, special super shipping, only 7.99 euros, exclusive to the Netherlands, the lowest in Europe!





Belgian Post (Bpost) international postal parcel, under 30 kg

Starting from 2 kg, after receiving the goods from the Netherlands, the international airport will be transported by the Brussels International Airport in Belgium.







































Dutch Post (PostNL) regular international postal parcel, available for up to 20 kg

Starting at 7 kg, 36 Euros within 7 kg, from Amsterdam International Airport to China, tracking, international direct mail











Delivery schedule:

Belgian Post Bpost: Ships every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Royal Mail PostNL: Shipped every working day.

Carrier Belgium Post and Dutch Post Description and Commitment:

1. The freight does not include the customs duties that may be charged by the customs of each country. If the customs meets the tax payment, the recipient will take care of himself.

2. The delivery time of international direct mail will be delivered 6-20 working days from the date of delivery (the normal customs clearance time of the destination customs, except for the backlog of postal inspections or special sampling inspections of the destination customs and the check-off time). The carrier must board the flight to the country where the customer is located within 36 hours after receiving the goods locally in the Netherlands, and deliver the customs clearance check. The promised delivery time does not include the customs clearance time of the customs. At the same time, according to the customs practice of some countries, the international parcel The Customs will not provide any postal parcel review and status and whereabouts information to the carrier during the customs clearance review. Therefore, if the postal condition indicates that there is no update for a long time after the issue, the postal parcel is undergoing customs clearance and waiting for customs clearance. ,please wait patiently.

3. When each parcel is delivered to the Customs clearance audit, it will be accompanied by the CN23 customs declaration form and the formal invoice submitted by the shipper Vkoop for customs clearance and inspection. When necessary, the recipient needs to provide ID card scanning. To assist with parcel clearance.

Vkoop International Direct Mail Inquiry:

A: How to get the international parcel tracking code:

1. Registered members please log in to Vkoop-My order. You can see the 13-digit plus letter (PostNL) or 26-digit (BPost) parcel code in the order, copy or copy this code (non-registered members and special purchase please Obtained in the email from the Hommel Customer Service Center).

2. After obtaining the parcel code, you can query it on the specified website:

      a. Please use PostNL to check the Royal Mail official website and China Post International Mail Enquiry System.

      b. Select BPost and go to the official website of the Royal Mail of Belgium and the official website of China EMS Express.


B: International parcel route inquiry method:

*PostNL international direct mail inquiry method:

The PostNL service uses the same postal order number throughout the journey. The postal code can be found on the PostNL website and the China Post International Mail Enquiry System. PostNL is responsible for airmailing the parcel from the Netherlands to Amsterdam, and then China Post is responsible for the domestic delivery in China. Faster service.

Parcel inquiry:

1、Click to open the PostNL official website query interface:

2、Enter the 13-digit postal code number in the box on the left, check the option to send it to the Netherlands below, and click on “Zoek”.

3. You can easily see the logistics of the parcel on the new page.

PostNL's logistics display is relatively simple, please check the progress bar in the lower right corner of the query results.

1 grid: The parcel arrives at the Dutch post office warehouse;

2 grid: The parcel is on the way from the Netherlands to China by air;

3 grids: The parcel arrives in China and is awaiting customs inspection or transit in the country;

4 grid: The parcel is delivered to the customer.

4、Click to open the China Post International Mail Enquiry System website to check the status of China's domestic cargo:

5. Enter the same postal order number in the inquiry box, enter the verification code, and click “Query”.

6, in the new page you can see the Chinese postal packet whereabouts

*Belgium Royal Post BPost International Direct Mail Enquiry

Belgian Royal Post bpost parcel inquiry method (one-stop full-track tracking query, at the same time, can also be tracked using China EMS international parcel inquiry system):

The official partner of Belgian Royal Post bpost in China is EMS Express, which can provide you with faster service.

Parcel inquiry:

1、Enter the official website of BPost:

2、Enter the 26-digit postal code number in the box and click on “SEARCH”

3、Click Show history in detail to see the itinerary of the parcel, and you can also see the tracking code of China EMS Express by Barcode bpost.

4、Enter China EMS express delivery website query interface:


C, international parcel delivery time

1. According to the promise of Vkoop carrier Bpost, the delivery parcel will be delivered within 15 working days from the date of delivery.

2. Working day explanation: The number of natural days on non-calendar refers to the number of working days from Monday to Friday except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays in the Netherlands and Belgium.

3. Normally, after Vkoop delivers the Royal Mail Post in Belgium, the customer can receive it at the customer's reserved delivery address within 7-15 days, but the temporary inspection of the customs and the EMS exploding on the holiday state. In the event of an emergency such as a warehouse or a large rain or snow, the delivery time of the parcel will be extended accordingly. Moreover, the Customs and EMS do not make any explanations or notices about the delay of the parcel. Therefore, the ordering customer must reserve more time.


D, postal packet delay / loss of inquiry:

1. After Vkoop has delivered the parcel to Dutch Post and Bpost, it has not been received for more than 15 working days, or the tracking page has no latest information on the postal parcel. Please email to inform the parcel code.

2. Vkoop will file a claim in accordance with the Dutch Post and the Belgian Royal Post (BPost) loss claim procedure.

3. Within 30 working days, Dutch Post and Belgian Royal Post will be processed. After receiving the inquiry result or claim confirmation, Vkoop will refund all the fees of the parcel (according to the order amount)