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Privacy clause

Commitment to customer privacy


To demonstrate our solid commitment to your privacy, as a responsible Dutch company, we have written this privacy statement in accordance with the relevant laws of the Netherlands and the European Union and the practices of international e-commerce companies. We understand that you are coming to us via the Internet. Providing personal information is based on your trust in us. We take your trust very seriously and will ensure that the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us is upheld by our efforts. We understand that our obligation to you is to keep certain information you provide to this website confidential and to be responsible for the use of any information you provide.



1.0 Overview

1.1 The US-based website (, hereinafter referred to as “this website”) Privacy Statement is the commitment of this website to protect the privacy of business users and individual users. You can use us in many different ways. Services, such as registration, purchase, email consultation, search and sharing information, introducing others to the United States or in forums, blogs, email referrals, etc. We hope to provide better services for each customer, such as providing better quality. Get merchandise, get more discounts, or help you share Horahui and earn rewards and points more easily and quickly. Since you use our services, we want to give you a clear understanding of how we use information and how you can protect your privacy.


1.2 Due to the characteristics of the network and business needs, this website will inevitably have direct or indirect interaction with you. Please read this privacy policy carefully to understand our privacy policy before you provide your personal information to our website. And confidentiality measures.


1.3 While accessing this website, you acknowledge and accept the confidentiality measures described herein. This Privacy Policy hereby describes the collection, use and protection policies adopted by the Website for business users and individual users. Please be sure to read it carefully.



2.0 Collection and use of information

2.1 When you register for a member of the Hermione website, in order to ensure the accurate delivery and delivery of the goods, we require that you provide the relevant information in the form of a form, such as your real name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. Information, even submit your ID card scan/copy in accordance with Chinese Customs requirements, so that you can use the service provided by this website and handle fast customs clearance, therefore, we will receive and store any type you type on our website or All other information provided to us, including information that identifies you ("Personal Information"), including your name, email address, email address, and phone or ID card scan/photocopy.


2.2 You may choose not to provide us with information, but in order for you to be able to use the services we provide as registered users, you must provide certain basic personal information (such as the name of the consignee that the international carrier must clearly define) , address and contact information, or China Customs requires personal self-use postal parcels to provide ID documents when handling customs clearance, etc., and this information may be your personal privacy, we promise to store such information in a proper manner, and only We will use this information to directly contact you about your business needs and products that we think may be of interest to you. We hereby solemnly promise that the company and its affiliate KH BROS BV will not be in any way at any time. Disclosure or sale of user information by any third party other than the partner.


2.3 When you visit Homenet, based on the international practice of web technologies and Internet companies, the website system will automatically store some information about your visit and your use of the computer, such as the IP address of your visit to the Hermione website. The type of web browser software you use, the time you visit the website of the Hermione website, and the website of the Homepage website you are browsing. One of the purposes of collecting this information is to help us provide you with a better user experience. Provide more convenient and complete services. However, we solemnly declare that, in addition to the Hermione website, at any time, the company will not collect any other information about your online activities in any way, such as the domain name of other websites you visit when you visit the Hermione website. Content and access to web pages and software used.


2.4 In general, the company will use the information collected about you for the following purposes:

2.4.1 to provide you with the products and services you want to obtain;

2.4.2 Manage your account to assist you in recovering your password, including your ability to log in and use our website;

2.4.3 Communicate with you to respond to your questions, including providing information on the latest products and discounts of the company.

2.4.4 Provide tips or reminders for your service when needed, or answer your questions and comments;

2.4.5 Through data analysis, consider whether our products, services and websites are attractive and enhance;

2.4.6 Let you know about special products and services that we or other third parties can provide that you may be interested in;

2.4.7 You can personalize your experience with the Home Runway when we plan a service upgrade;

2.4.8 Preventing potential non-normal access from causing potential harm to the website or stopping illegal or prohibited activities;

2.4.9 Assist in the smooth implementation of our Terms of Service and other purposes that are indicated to you when collecting information from you.



3.0 Disclosure and sharing of information

3.1 attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy and promises not to provide, sell, rent, share and trade the user's personal information to any third party without the user's permission. , except for the following:

3.1.1 You agree to allow third parties to share information;

3.1.2 You agree to disclose your personal information and enjoy the products and services provided by you on this website (such as, but not limited to, the mailing service provided by this website);

3.1.3 Third parties provide services together with this website (including but not limited to China Customs clearance, Belgian Royal Mail and EMS courier companies)

3.1.4 This website is subject to court summons, legal orders or legal procedures to provide your information.

3.1.5 Under the above circumstances, we reserve the right to exercise or waive the right to object and any other rights that we may exercise in accordance with the law.

 3.2 We may also share statistical or analytical data with third parties, including technology parties, advertisers and investors (for example, network technology companies or programmers may provide upgrades or feature optimization for the website, or we may inform investors, The number of visitors to our website, or the most popular items or sales statistics, etc. This information may contain some personal information, but we promise that the information disclosed will be in a controlled non-profit range. And, the purpose is to use it to develop projects and services that may be of interest to you.



4.0 External links and security

4.1 This website has addresses that link to other websites, but we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites. We may add links to websites of business partners or shared brands when needed, but the information provided to them will be comprehensive information and we will not disclose your identity and other information.


4.2 This website will strictly manage and protect the information provided by you. This website will use the corresponding encryption technology and security measures to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. However, please note that there are no “perfect security measures” on the Internet, so we do not promise that the above information is absolutely safe.



5.0 Modify or delete data

5.1 You can log in to the Hermione website and view it or modify your personal information at any time through My Homer. If you think it is necessary, you can also delete it according to the permissions we have granted you.


5.2 All information you provide at the time of registration is voluntary and you have the right to refuse to provide such information at any time.


5.3 After you have registered as a member of this website and successfully logged in, you can modify or update your personal information and / or password at any time. If you have forgotten your password, you can also re-acquire your password through the password recovery method on the website.


5.4 At all times, everything we do is designed to protect your personal information and to ensure the accuracy and security of such information.



6.0 Privacy protection for sending and returning links

6.1 All of our goods are filed through the US-China Customs filing, and are delivered by direct mail on a bonded import basis or by the contracted carrier, POSTNL and BPost, by international air transport. China, through the POSTNL and BPost partners in China EMS express delivery to the customer's home, therefore, some of the information you submit to us must clearly inform the international carrier, such as your name, address, contact number, etc., in order to international Carriers and EMS can deliver accurately;


6.2 However, due to the unknowable risks, we do not guarantee that Bpost and their partners can strictly keep the customer's information as we generally. In the process, if some of your personal information is disclosed, you agree that we will not be jointly and severally liable.



7.0 Use of Network Cookies

7.1 Based on the latest network technology, this website uses network identification and access tracking technology to identify the source of the visitor and the goods you are interested in and perform statistical analysis, but it is stated that the network tracking technology we use is based on The browser you use to open this website only has information about this website.


7.2 This information stores non-personal, unrecognizable information that helps us measure the success of our website and track information about time periods, such as which pages you have entered and how long you have stayed, after your browser is closed. It is possible to continue saving. If you need to manually delete it, please refer to your browser manual for more information about these features.



8.0 Privacy revision and feedback

8.1 As the scope of this website expands, we will update our privacy statement at any time.


8.2 We welcome you to check this statement at any time. If there is a substantial change in the user information policy, we will post the relevant rules on the page in order to notify you in a timely manner. We will not notify you separately when making individual adjustments.


8.3 If you have any comments or suggestions about the privacy protection of this website and the problems you are using, please click on the customer service center to contact us.

Kingdom of the Netherlands KH BROS B.V. (version number, 201212.01A)