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England Royal WEDGWOOD Bone China Limited Edition Round Blue Porcelain Hanging Plate

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      Trade Name: England Royal WEDGWOOD Bone China Limited Edition Edition Opens New World Parliament Round Blue Porcelain Hanging Plate

      Specifications: bone china diameter 28.5cm

      Color: Blue Porcelain

      Marking: Hemei Taobao series of products, non-new, no bracket

      Phase: 90% new, flawless



    The story of WEDGWOOD began in 1759. At the age of 29, Josiah Wedgwood started his own business as an independent potter in Barlaston, Stafford County, England. He began to actively carry out clay experiments and explore the many possibilities of clay.

    Throughout his life, he invented and produced three of the most well-known porcelain collections: Queen's Royal Porcelain (1762), Black Basalt (1768) and Embossed Jade (1774), which are still loved by all.

    He is a creative, energetic and savvy businessman and art patron, quickly becoming the most inspirational success in the UK. His talents lead the British pottery making process from a farmhouse craft to an art form and an international industry.