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Holland America Investment

Prospectus of GOME company financing prospectus Holland America (Gome Fashion English purchasing Deluxe Gome International B.V.) is the market under the Ministry of electronic commerce website, opened at the end of December 2010 Chinese on-line test version, 2011 began formal operation, and through the ISO9001-2008 quality system audit in August 2012 March 2013, Holland America opened a new domain name and server, Holland is the first local enterprises to take the lead in identity in C2B mode, the Universal Postal Union within the framework of the treaty, to Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao regions and Taiwan to provide cross-border vertical international direct mail services business platform, to provide quality and safety of Holland and the European local production of non chilled food, wine, health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics and fragrance, small appliances and Europe famous brand and luxury goods for customers, within our reach, to help customers get rid of The problems of counterfeit and shoddy goods and food safety in china. Holland America purchasing ( mission is to allow consumers to break through regional and national boundaries, no need to go through the tedious and tiring visa international flight, sit in the home, you can buy online free countries best quality goods, make life more beautiful. Everyone has the right to pay for quality, safe food and goods, which are basic consumer attitudes and rights! Our customers use Holland America purchasing to select and purchase the world's most high-quality food, goods for themselves and for their children and their families, so that food safety to protect them, get a better consumer experience, life more happy. As an advocate, we provide the Holland America purchasing platform, display after high quality food we choose and pick and choose and buy goods for customers online, and with the expansion of the business, the integration of the world more outstanding businesses and products in Holland America purchasing, together with our customers to create and enjoy the fun and fast fashion transnational purchase. All through the certification and selection of local European high-quality goods manufacturers can Holland America purchasing, at least 500 million target customer groups to display and sell their goods, and increase their sales and product visibility. We believe that as long as the country, the quality of goods are distinguished, then, strong demand to buy high quality goods international will remain at the forefront of our standing in the industry, using the latest Internet technology, the best business model to meet the needs of customers, in fact, has become a major part of Holland America purchasing our customer's daily life. In the development plan of Holland America 2013-2016 years, we plan to open equity, in order to attract the investment needed to expand operations, these investments will be used for the following aspects: - successful implementation of our original business model, expanding user base, expanding product lines, and increasing services. - continue to develop innovative technology, improve customer experience, Holland America launched mobile version, in response to the changing needs of users, to maintain the leading technology. - procurement cooperation negotiations in Holland and European countries and manufacturers and retailers and sales company with strong capital advantage, further reduce the price of goods and procurement costs, and maintain a stable supply order, with more competitive price of return customers. - expanding sales and increasing revenues. - attract and maintain quality team members. - the introduction of mechanized automatic packaging facilities and logistics equipment to reduce the cost of manpower packaging, to order goods for customers to provide higher quality and safety of the two packaging. Holland America's medium-term development goals: the rapid development in the introduction of capital, as the first multinational vertical C2B business electricity supplier companies listed in 3-5 years, and to raise funds from the public, copy the successful model, pioneered the development of a global multinational purchasing electricity supplier. If you want to Holland America service and operation mode are interested, we welcome you as investors or shareholders to Holland America, Holland America and enjoy the fruits of development and growth, investment in Holland America, as an ordinary investor, you can get a 12% annual rate, as VC or Si Gudong, you can get rich after Holland America listed as scheduled return on equity and earnings, if you have enough money and interest, you are welcome to contact us: contact: Shi Weiping