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Packing instructions

In order to cope with the complicated international logistics, the postal parcel can be delivered to the customer safely. Vkoop strictly follows the ISO9001 standard process, simulates the worst logistics and transportation conditions and emergencies, improves the packaging several times, and strives to make every parcel intact. At the customer's home, Vkoop customers get a good international direct mail transportation experience.

All waybills and address bars are computer system jobs and printed from the database to avoid errors caused by handwritten filling.

All products are carefully waterproofed with food-grade packaging bags and cling film manufactured and sold in the Netherlands to ensure no secondary pollution caused by plasticizers and packaging.

All glass-bottled foods, as well as red and olive oils, as well as high-end glass-filled cosmetic products, are packaged in special airbags and thick foam pads, and are filled with special packaging and airbag bags to ensure safe transportation.

Nutrilon and other Tetra Pak and carton filled baby milk powder and use a thick airbag or foam pad for secondary packaging to ensure foolproof, the test standard is free fall three times from 3 meters high, requiring milk powder cans / boxes In good condition.

After the goods are packaged, the boxes are separated according to each order, and the orders and commodities are checked for the third time, and are counted item by item.

The airbag bag is manufactured using a high-speed airbag machine for reinforcement filling.

Large-scale items such as digital electronics, brand-name and luxury goods, baby safety seats, and baby carriages are checked out of the box and then thoroughly sealed.

After packing, check the number of items in the order and add the gifts that Vkoop gives to the customers. Each package will be given a free gift selected by Vkoop, and will be randomly sent according to the customer order amount and the purchased product category.

Seal the box with tape, attach the shipping warning sign, and check the customer's receiving address label and the waybill after checking the order.

The packaged postal parcels are all packed into special transport bags. After the pallets are fixed, the delivery carrier sends them to the logistics center for customs clearance and check-in to fly to the customer's country.

Vkoop works hard to make it easy for all Vkoop customers to order and enjoy the fun of cross-border Haitao online shopping!


Vkoop gives you: professional, meticulous and hardworking!